Screenshots - submitted on 1 May 2003
The home of the Allegro community - visits: 1026 - category: screenshots

GameScreenshots - submitted on 24 March 2003
Well-designed site with tons of screenshots of (mostly commercial) games. - visits: 1015 - category: screenshots

FlipCode - Image of the Day - submitted by CGameProgrammer on 24 March 2003
One screenshot per day, approved by the admin. Very popular so many interesting things get posted here. - visits: 1023 - category: screenshots


Eximion - Games & Technology - submitted on 31 March 2005
Eximion is making the game Triad and its game creation platform. This powerfull platform enables the creation of innovative and immersive games. - visits: 1028 - category: games

Grubby Games - submitted on 8 March 2005
Home of the platform puzzle game, "Professor Fizzwizzle" - visits: 1013 - category: games

Drug Corporation - submitted by William on 28 December 2004
download free games, softwares, programming codes and more. download the popular game such as Drug Corporation. - visits: 1018 - category: games

Amazing Adventures! Free Games. - submitted by Barbarian on 1 October 2004
Features free games made by independent game creators. News, Downloads, Game Creation Resources and Links. - visits: 1015 - category: games

Sidra Headquarters - submitted by Thomas Mack on 25 September 2004
Sidra is a group of programmers designing a game engine which is being designed to be very flexible. With flexibility, we will be able to create minigames with our engine. Please visit us for more info! - visits: 1013 - category: games

Beasts - submitted by Henk Westhuis on 2 September 2004
This site contains a mobile, 3d, and a online version of the classic game Beasts. - visits: 1011 - category: games

Kurioes' Dump - submitted by Kurioes on 1 September 2004
My project homepage - where I dump my projects, their updates, and my ramblings - visits: 1014 - category: games

Raytoons Cartoons, Games, and Animations - submitted on 22 August 2004
Hundreds of Cartoons, Games, and Animations by Raytoons! - visits: 1028 - category: games

TLK Games - submitted by Jean-Michel Martin de Santero on 6 June 2004
DOGS AND LIGHTS allots to you the mission to rescue puppies from a battle field riddled with mines and lampposts. You use laser tools to destroy obstacles, detonate the mines, lit the lamps and finally direct the dogs to a safe place.120 levels. - visits: 1015 - category: games

Recent Headlines: - submitted by Jean-Michel Martin de Santero on 21 April 2004
A hilarious dungeon game featuring a colorful hero and a host of monsters. - visits: 1019 - category: games

3D-G - submitted by Cor on 16 April 2004
A website on the team 3D-G and its current video game projects. - visits: 1012 - category: games - submitted by longshot on 8 March 2004
a massively multiplayer game i am working on. - visits: 1012 - category: games

Darklight-Software Homepage - submitted by Milos Tziotas on 28 February 2004
Homepage of my first big game project. It's a first person adventure game (Myst 3 like). - visits: 1011 - category: games

Cow Soft - submitted by cowsarenotevil on 27 February 2004
Website with some software made by us (me and a cousin) and links to other software development websites. - visits: 1014 - category: games

Bieh Software - submitted by Paul Hunkin on 12 February 2004
A small freeware game development site - try one of the three released games, or the tech demos from the SevenEngine, our currently under development 3D engine. - visits: 1009 - category: games

Turt's Puzzle Blocks - Turt99 Productions - submitted by Turt99 on 6 November 2003
Turt's Puzzle Blocks is a great new game from Turt99 Productions - visits: 1011 - category: games

Hope Engine Development Diary - submitted by bpopp on 24 October 2003
This is a chronicle of my game development struggles over the last year or so. I start my adventure with a humble brute force terrain and am currently prototyping a MORPG (don't laugh at me). - visits: 1013 - category: games

Coding Dreams - submitted on 3 October 2003
Coding Dreams is a game development group which produces mobile phone games in JAVA. - visits: 1013 - category: games

Dew Games - submitted on 1 October 2003
Some finished games. Some Work in progress. Has code on some of my projects. - visits: 1005 - category: games

Physics Simulations for Computer Graphics - submitted on 25 September 2003
Big store of examples of computer physics simulations. Most of them are prepared to work in real time. A lot of example animations and applications ready for download. - visits: 1380 - category: games

Existence Engine - submitted on 28 August 2003
3d First Person Shooter, like Quake3 and Unreal - visits: 1013 - category: games

Outhouse Software - submitted on 26 August 2003
Independent Pc games developer. - visits: 1014 - category: games

RotaDim - submitted on 8 May 2003
Save the planet - literally! The planets of our solar system need your help in this exciting and challenging puzzle game. - visits: 1013 - category: games

Addictive 247 - submitted on 8 May 2003
Free downloads of arcade, action and puzzle games for your PC! - visits: 1010 - category: games

Solid Spheres - submitted on 8 May 2003
Destroy all the colored spheres in this exciting, explosive puzzle game - visits: 1012 - category: games

Pure Power Tactical Engine - submitted on 21 April 2003
2D engine for strategy/tactical games - visits: 1009 - category: games

Humanite : Le 4? Projet - submitted on 5 April 2003
This is a french civ-like project with lots of good ideas. - visits: 1006 - category: games

MegaStorm Systems - submitted on 30 March 2003
HX project is the internal name of PC game based in adventure, strategy and RPG, all in real time. - visits: 1015 - category: games

Game Development

devbump - submitted on 4 November 2006
devbump is a social news site for sharing cool game development related content - visits: 1015 - category: gamedev::community

Recent Headlines:

Game Programming Wiki - submitted on 8 March 2005
A game programming community website with tutorials, source code, and other game programming info. - visits: 1009 - category: gamedev::community

CrxGames - submitted by Cody Mays on 17 November 2004
This is my game development team's site. We have tutorials on C++, php, html, and more to come, we also have a forum. - visits: 1028 - category: gamedev::community

Truevision3D - submitted by John Hart on 20 September 2004
3D Engine and Game Development SDK using VB, VB.Net, Delphi, C#, C++, or any COM/ATL Compliant Language! - visits: 1010 - category: gamedev::utilities

MegaStorms Systems - submitted by Roberto Prieto on 21 June 2004
Association dedicated to software developments: PC games, functions libraries, video formats, data compression, data encrypt, web pages, enterprise and specific software. - visits: 1012 - category: gamedev::tutorials

GarageGames - submitted by Jay Moore on 21 March 2004
GarageGames mission is to provide independent developers with tools, knowledge, co-conspirators - whatever you need - to make great games. We are commercial with a passion for independent developers. - visits: 1012 - category: gamedev::community

Yov408 Programming Tutorials - submitted on 17 March 2004
Hundreds of online programming tutorials sorted into directories and powered by a search engine. Deals with programming languages, signal processing, 3D programming, algorithmics, physics, communication protocols and more. - visits: 1015 - category: gamedev::tutorials - submitted by on 25 December 2003
Hundreds of understandable tutorials on C, C++, Win32, DirectX,, OpenGL and Networking. - visits: 1014 - category: gamedev::tutorials

RPGDX - submitted on 5 October 2003
The center of independent RPG development. - visits: 1018 - category: gamedev::community Game Development - submitted on 3 July 2003
A game development website featuring articles, tutorials, resources, daily news updates, and an active forum. - visits: 1012 - category: gamedev::tutorials

The Developers Alliance - submitted on 11 June 2003
A site for our game dev team. Anybody can join us. - visits: 1025 - category: gamedev::community - submitted by CGameProgrammer on 24 March 2003
Game development site. Excellent message boards and large active community. - visits: 1347 - category: gamedev::community

Recent Headlines:
GLSL compiled to SPIR-V
<p>Let me see if I’ve got this straight: Vulkan uses SPIR-V shaders, which are basically pre-compiled GLSL shaders?</p>

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon - Coming Soon! My first Solo Indie Dev
<figure class="media"><oembed url=""></oembed></figure><p>Hey everyone, I'm Clayton, an Indie Dev living in Canada. A big fan of Games in general, from small indies to large studio games.<br>I've been working on Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon for sometime now. The game focuses heavily on replayability. While taking inspiration and paying homage to the classic games of old using a hand drawn art style.<br><br>&nbsp;</p><p style=""><strong>Overview</strong></p><p>Arriving home to a village on fire, DaKoo must set out on a journey to discover what has happened. Throwing players into a bevy of tests as they play over 150 levels. Plus a randomized level …</p>

Another meaning of "gaming"
<p>It feels odd to create a new thread to answer a question, but I agree that the original thread had derailed.</p><p>I use the word “gaming” primarily for playing board games. I belong to a group of “gamers” who has had weekly game nights for more than three decades. We coordinate attendance by email, and we often use phrases like “I will be gaming at Joe's this week".</p><p>The other way I use the word is for exploiting details of a ruleset to get away with something, as in “gaming the system”.</p><p>I have never heard this word used …</p>

Too much difference between LOW and HIGH graphics quality
<p>I am planning to design a new engine (what i am doing with my life?!) and in this new engine (which will be just actually a heavily refactored version of the current one), i will finally enable my software rendered ray tracer alongside with my current existing software rendered rasterizer.&nbsp;</p><p>It can be flipped on and off any time i want, by just flipping a variable, that decides which rendering path i use.&nbsp;</p><p>I designed the rasterizer to be backwards compatible to even 32 bit cpus and a few 100ish mhz cpus. It consumes about 20 mbyte of …</p>

Web Development

website design - submitted by chips on 8 December 2004
Web desgin forum for the web developers to help there needs.HTML,ASP,SEO,ASP - visits: 1007 - category: webdev::tutorials - submitted by Nick Humphrey on 25 December 2003
easy to complicated web programming tutorials geared towards people who need good and detailed explanations -- javascript, flash, mathml - visits: 1006 - category: webdev::tutorials

Loonaticmedia - submitted on 22 August 2003
Very soon you can get a free application to build mysql quries for you php programms - visits: 1010 - category: webdev::tutorials - submitted on 25 March 2003
Your free source for quality javatutorials -- easy to understand with comments -- and online java help - visits: 1010 - category: webdev::tutorials

Web Browsing / Utilities

Open Directory Project - submitted on 24 March 2003
Very large human-maintained website directory with 99% functional links. Google Directory is a mirror of this. - visits: 1013 - category: webbrowsing


SlashDot - submitted on 24 March 2003
Sort of a "geek" news site, lots of tech-related stuff. - visits: 1010 - category: news

Recent Headlines:
In a First, Renewables Beat Coal In the US Power Sector In 2022
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Electrek: For the first time ever, renewable power generation -- that's wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and geothermal -- exceeded coal-fired generation in the US electric power sector in 2022, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Overall, the US electric power sector produced 4,090 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of power in 2022. Wind and solar's combined total generation increased from 12% in 2021 to 14% in 2022. Hydropower stayed the same last year at 6%, and biomass and geothermal also remained unchanged, at less than 1%. So that's a total of 21%. Utility-scale solar capacity in the US electric power sector -- the EIA doesn't include rooftop solar -- increased from 61 gigawatts (GW) in 2021 to 71 GW in 2022, according to EIA data. Wind capacity grew from 133 GW in 2021 to 141 GW in 2022. Coal-fired generation, on the other hand, dropped from 23% in 2021 to 20% in 2022 because a number of coal-fired power plants retired, and the plants still online were used less. Renewables surpassed nuclear generation for the first time in 2021, and that trend continued last year. Nuclear dropped from 20% in 2021 to 19% in 2022 because Michigan's Palisades nuclear power plant was retired in May 2022. However, Palisades' new owner, Holtec, wants to restart it, and this idea is not proving particularly popular, with one environmental group saying that would risk a "Chernobyl-scale catastrophe." The Biden administration pledged $6 billion on March 2 to help extend the operating life of aging nuclear power plants in order to help the US combat climate change. However, natural gas is still the largest source of US electricity generation, and it grew from 37% in 2021 to 39% in 2022. This month, the EIA forecast that both wind and solar will each grow by 1% in 2023. Natural gas is forecast to remain unchanged, and coal is forecast to decline by 3% to 17% next year.<p><div class="share_submission" style="position:relative;"> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> </div></p><p><a href=";utm_medium=feed">Read more of this story</a> at Slashdot.</p><iframe src=";id=22819948&amp;smallembed=1" style="height: 300px; width: 100%; border: none;"></iframe>

Google's Claims of Super-Human AI Chip Layout Back Under the Microscope
A Google-led research paper published in Nature, claiming machine-learning software can design better chips faster than humans, has been called into question after a new study disputed its results. The Register reports: In June 2021, Google made headlines for developing a reinforcement-learning-based system capable of automatically generating optimized microchip floorplans. These plans determine the arrangement of blocks of electronic circuitry within the chip: where things such as the CPU and GPU cores, and memory and peripheral controllers, actually sit on the physical silicon die. Google said it was using this AI software to design its homegrown TPU chips that accelerate AI workloads: it was employing machine learning to make its other machine-learning systems run faster. The research got the attention of the electronic design automation community, which was already moving toward incorporating machine-learning algorithms into their software suites. Now Google's claims of its better-than-humans model has been challenged by a team at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Led by Andrew Kahng, a professor of computer science and engineering, that group spent months reverse engineering the floorplanning pipeline Google described in Nature. The web giant withheld some details of its model's inner workings, citing commercial sensitivity, so the UCSD had to figure out how to make their own complete version to verify the Googlers' findings. Prof Kahng, we note, served as a reviewer for Nature during the peer-review process of Google's paper. The university academics ultimately found their own recreation of the original Google code, referred to as circuit training (CT) in their study, actually performed worse than humans using traditional industry methods and tools. What could have caused this discrepancy? One might say the recreation was incomplete, though there may be another explanation. Over time, the UCSD team learned Google had used commercial software developed by Synopsys, a major maker of electronic design automation (EDA) suites, to create a starting arrangement of the chip's logic gates that the web giant's reinforcement learning system then optimized. The Google paper did mention that industry-standard software tools and manual tweaking were used after the model had generated a layout, primarily to ensure the processor would work as intended and finalize it for fabrication. The Googlers argued this was a necessary step whether the floorplan was created by a machine-learning algorithm or by humans with standard tools, and thus its model deserved credit for the optimized end product. However, the UCSD team said there was no mention in the Nature paper of EDA tools being used beforehand to prepare a layout for the model to iterate over. It's argued these Synopsys tools may have given the model a decent enough head start that the AI system's true capabilities should be called into question. The lead authors of Google's paper, Azalia Mirhoseini and Anna Goldie, said the UCSD team's work isn't an accurate implementation of their method. They pointed out (PDF) that Prof Kahng's group obtained worse results since they didn't pre-train their model on any data at all. Prof Kahng's team also did not train their system using the same amount of computing power as Google used, and suggested this step may not have been carried out properly, crippling the model's performance. Mirhoseini and Goldie also said the pre-processing step using EDA applications that was not explicitly described in their Nature paper wasn't important enough to mention. The UCSD group, however, said they didn't pre-train their model because they didn't have access to the Google proprietary data. They claimed, however, their software had been verified by two other engineers at the internet giant, who were also listed as co-authors of the Nature paper. Separately, a fired Google AI researcher claims the internet goliath's research paper was "done in context of a large potential Cloud deal" worth $120 million at the time.<p><div class="share_submission" style="position:relative;"> <a class="slashpop" href="'"><img src=""></a> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> </div></p><p><a href=";utm_medium=feed">Read more of this story</a> at Slashdot.</p><iframe src=";id=22819812&amp;smallembed=1" style="height: 300px; width: 100%; border: none;"></iframe>

Zoom's New AI Features Help You Catch Up On Meetings You're Late To
Zoom is partnering with OpenAI to bring AI-generated summaries, message drafts, and more to the video conferencing app through its Zoom IQ AI-powered assistant. The Verge reports: While Zoom IQ can already do things like create chapters and highlights for recorded meetings, Zoom's giving the assistant even more features, including a way to catch up on meetings that you may have been late to. That means you'll be able to ask the tool to summarize what you've missed as well as "ask further questions." Additionally, Zoom IQ can do several other things, like generate whiteboards based on text prompts and provide recaps of meetings as well as summarize threads in Zoom Team Chat. Similar to the ChatGPT bot coming to Slack, Zoom IQ also lets you generate responses to your colleagues using AI. The company says it's planning to roll out AI-powered message and email drafts on an invitation-only basis in April but will introduce "select" Zoom IQ meeting summary features "more broadly."<p><div class="share_submission" style="position:relative;"> <a class="slashpop" href="'s+New+AI+Features+Help+You+Catch+Up+On+Meetings+You'"><img src=""></a> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> </div></p><p><a href=";utm_medium=feed">Read more of this story</a> at Slashdot.</p><iframe src=";id=22819718&amp;smallembed=1" style="height: 300px; width: 100%; border: none;"></iframe>

Lebanon Reverses Decision To Delay Daylight Savings Time Change
Lebanon's government has reversed a decision to delay the shift to daylight savings time by a month, which had sparked both anger and confusion. The BBC reports: Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced that clocks would now go forward on Wednesday night. He had agreed to a delay last week so Muslims could break their fasts earlier during the holy month of Ramadan. But Christian authorities defied the order and changed their clocks as usual on Sunday, which was the last in March. Many businesses, media outlets and educational institutions followed suit, leaving people living in one of the smallest countries in the Middle East struggling to deal with two different time zones. Mr Mikati, who is a Sunni Muslim, insisted on Monday that his initial decision to delay the time change until 20 April to "relieve" those fasting during Ramadan had not been for "sectarian reasons", adding: "A decision like this should not have triggered such sectarian responses." He blamed the deep political and religious divisions that have resulted in parliament being unable to agree on a new president since October and a caretaker cabinet with limited powers being left to run the country. "The problem is not summer time or winter time... The problem is the presidential vacuum."<p><div class="share_submission" style="position:relative;"> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> <a class="slashpop" href=""><img src=""></a> </div></p><p><a href=";utm_medium=feed">Read more of this story</a> at Slashdot.</p><iframe src=";id=22819748&amp;smallembed=1" style="height: 300px; width: 100%; border: none;"></iframe>


Quackup Adventure Comics! - submitted by Ray Mullikin on 22 August 2004
This cartoon is a parody of superheros, science fiction, fantasy, and other types movies and books. The main character is Jonathin Quackup who, being raised by human beings, doesn't realize he is a Quack... which means a feathery guy with superpowers, ... - visits: 1008 - category: humor

PVP Online - submitted by CGameProgrammer on 18 April 2004
Very funny web-comic. - visits: 1003 - category: humor

nan2D fun - submitted by aftermath on 4 November 2003
A rather large collection of humorous pictars that I have collected from the intraweb. - visits: 1008 - category: humor

Penny Arcade! - submitted on 24 April 2003
Comic strip with mostly video and computer game humor. - visits: 1007 - category: humor

Homestar Runner - submitted on 29 March 2003
Lots and lots of flash funniness... - visits: 1008 - category: humor


Custom mobile game developer - submitted by vishnusankar on 14 February 2007 is a custom mobile game developer based in India and specialized in J2ME. Our services include Mobile game development, Mobile application development, M-Commerce Solutions, Testing and Porting Mobile games and Wap Portals. - visits: 1008 - category: personal::homepage

The Scribe Game Pixel Art Collection - submitted on 20 January 2007
A small collection of animated pixel art sprites (24x32 pixel) and tiles (16x16 pixel) inspired by the 16-bit stylings of games like EarthBound. Originally made for use in the Sphere RPG engine. Distributed under a Creative Commons license. - visits: 1009 - category: personal::other

modeling reel - submitted by Dean Jones on 13 November 2006
3d modeling demo reel - visits: 1004 - category: personal::homepage

developer site of Lubos Lenco - submitted by lubos on 29 October 2006
my developer site - visits: 1015 - category: personal::homepage

Flash - submitted by peter parker on 23 April 2005
Need Scripts :: One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews and articles. - visits: 1004 - category: personal::other

BarGrillers - submitted by Tristin on 20 April 2005
entertainment, karaoke and gamming - visits: 1004 - category: personal::other

html - submitted by chips on 30 November 2004
HTML Resources, Help and HTML Tutorials - visits: 1004 - category: personal::other

Allapo - submitted on 18 September 2004
All about the Myst Series by Cyan worlds inc. Screenshots, humourous pictures, and Information on all Myst games. Also includes Riddles and Jokes. - visits: 1005 - category: personal::other

TZM World - submitted by Milos Tziotas on 28 February 2004
This place is a container for the free programs I do. - visits: 1000 - category: personal::homepage

Web2ebook - submitted by Christian on 27 November 2003
Build ebooks of your website. this project is still in development, but much interesting - visits: 1005 - category: personal::other

My Garden Collection - submitted on 22 September 2003
Explore Tatiana's pixelated garden, where digital angels, electronic pets, and even famous character icons dwell. - visits: 1014 - category: personal::other

The Web Surfer's Digest - submitted on 23 April 2003
Share your personal stories with others in a daily digest for Web Surfers across the planet. Free, no signup required. - visits: 1002 - category: personal::other

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