If you run a website and want to link to this site, please use something similar to one of these three HTML code snippets:

Link #1:

<a href="http://www.devimg.net" title="www.DevImg.net">DevImg.net</a>

Link #2:

Developer Image Exchange
<a href="http://www.devimg.net" title="www.DevImg.net">Developer Image Exchange</a>

Link #3:

<a href="http://www.devimg.net" title="www.DevImg.net"><img src="http://www.devimg.net/Banner.html" border="0"></a>

Note: Do not save the banner to your own website. It's a script that generates an image based on the last uploaded image post. If you save it, you'll "freeze" it as however it was when you saved it, and that wouldn't be as cool. :)

You can add your site to the Links page.

If you link to this site with the banner, e-mail me and I can add an 88x31 banner of yours to the Links page, as long as your site isn't wildly unrelated to game development. Personal sites are fine if they have games or code you've written. Attach the banner to the e-mail, or provide the URL of it.